Best options available while changing mattress

Before we begin, let’s get curious did you know that the mattress also has an expiration date? That’s it. The mattress consists of several materials, which have a shelf life determined by the manufacturer, according to type of mattress. After this time, raw materials (foam, fabric, and other elements) begin to lose their essential properties and, in addition to not ensuring comfort, can be detrimental to their health (perhaps their famous back pain).

When to change mattress?

Now that you already know that the mattress has expiration date, then we have one of the reasons to change the mattress. The discomfort in sleeping, and the back pains during the day, are also a clue that the mattress has won or is not right for you. To know more about Mattress Sales Houston, seek help online.

More than 3000 hours per year on a mattress

This is the average for those who sleep around 8 hours a day.

Listen to the Orthopedist

CielloMóveis may look a bit like your mother at the moment, but it’s true. To confirm, check out the tips of Ortopedista Leonardo Rocha

Is mattress all the same?

Not really. There are a multitude of types of mattress, each with a technology, plus different compositions. From the most basic, from simple foam to those of bagged springs (or pocket springs).

Does weight and height matter when choosing a mattress?

This relationship allows you to choose the model that has the ideal density of the foam, that is, that will give correct support to the body.

Testing the mattress is important!

Just like in cars, test drive the mattresses you like the most. From this it is possible to feel if the mattress is firmer, or softer, how it accommodates the body, beyond the notion of the dimensions. Mattresses with pillow top, for example, have an additional layer of foam, and this ensures even more comfort.

Expert Tip

The orthopedist Ricardo Costa Dias does not recommend the purchase of very cute mattresses, mainly due to the lower support of the spine, generating pain during the day.

Mattress Certification

Every mattress must undergo tests and analyzes to ensure its use. In this way, look for the label that certifies the product by INMETRO.

Mattress for the couple, what is the best option

It depends. Before buying, take measurements from the environment and reserve a minimum circulation area. If the bedroom has a wardrobe without sliding doors near the area where the mattress will be, it is necessary to leave a reasonable space not to touch. With the measurements in hand it is easier to choose the size of the future mattress double (1.38 x 1.88m), Queen Size (1.58 x 1.98m) and King Size (1.93 x 2.03m).

Box or Traditional Bed Set

The box set is nothing more than a base, with support feet, and a mattress. There are also some “chest” bases that allow you to accommodate bedding, pillows and other room items. The choice of box set (base + mattress) gains more fans, being a versatile and even economical option, since you will not need a traditional bed. In some cases it is possible to save a few centimeters by optimizing the circulation of the environment. But be aware of the quality of the box set, especially the mattress that comes with it. It is important to pay attention to the coating, density of foams, whether it is bagged springs or bonel (an older technology) in addition to the warranty.

What are bagged springs?

Also known as pocket springs, individually bagged springs guarantee comfort and comfort, as well as balance the weight distribution on the mattress. Want an example? Remember those water mattresses, or the first spring mattresses? So if one person is sitting on it, and another sits on the opposite side, at the same time it is possible to feel the movement on the mattress, mainly due to propagation. The model with bagged springs reduces this spread, that is, the person does not run the risk of being thrown out of the mattress (a bit of exaggeration, just to illustrate, rs). The combination of springs and foams of different densities provides a better comfort ratio.

Invest in a mattress

When choosing the right mattress you will provide several benefits to your health. Better sleep also affects mood and mood during the day, and reduces popular back pain, which can lead to more serious injuries in the future. Investment in quality of life starts in the bedroom. Chat with one of the Ciello Móveis consultants to know the best option for your profile.